Reclaimed Wood Hunting

What sets apart from other rental companies is the fact that we build almost all of our inventory as Urban Mining Co here in Truckee, California. And we admit it.. there are times that is nearly impossible for us to locate and secure our reclaimed wood at a fair price, and in fair quantities... But for us, that is part of the fun! 

I am sure vintage lovers can attest that there is something about the hunt! Finally locating that unwanted, once-needed, tired wood and rescuing it from the landfill feels pretty great. 

And lucky us.. we get to bring it into our workshop and transform that nearly-forgotten wood into something that is beautiful, totally unique and will last another lifetime.

Because we recycle thousands of boards a year, we feel good about doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint, clean up our landfills and also reduce consumption of our living trees. 

When you buy from Urban Mining Co or rent from Tahoe Rustic Rentals, please know that we take pride in creating not only gorgeous but eco-friendly furniture that can be enjoyed for many years.